Friend or Frenemy?

I’ve been duped more times than I can count by “friends” who were not really friends. These so called “friends” whom we now call frenemies who stab you in the back, kick you when you’re down, and take advantage of your generosity. So how can you tell if a friendship is lifelong or just a fly by night relationship which may or may not be mutually satisfying?

“Of course I’m fine! I just like a drink here and there. Get off my back!”

“I’m not an alcoholic! I don’t have a problem! I’m fine.”

We’ve all heard the word denial before but few stick to it so vehemently as the high functioning alcoholic. There are many ways of telling yourself that you don’t have a problem and those around you might also support this idea, but when alcohol is a problem both you and others may begin to suffer.

3 Tips to Improve Self Esteem

Self esteem: how your think about yourself and how your thinking makes you feel.

Feelings are linked to our emotional core which guides us through our lives. When you begin to have negative thoughts about who you are and what you do, you head down a slippery slope away from a happy fulfilling life. Feeling good about who you are and how you handle yourself is vital to good mental health.