Free Kids Quake Recovery MP3

Are your kids suffering post quake anxiety?

Are they experiencing panic attacks or finding it hard to drop off to sleep at night?

Scope Hypnosis is giving away a free MP3 track for any children that are struggling with the aftermath of the recent earthquake.

Download Scope Hypnosis Kids Quake Recovery MP3

Instructions For Parents

Dealing with the post trauma of earthquake stress can have significant effect on us and our children. I have written and recorded this MP3 for your use to help assist, in some small way the recovery from this event.

To use this MP3 make sure your child is calm and relaxed. If they are under 8 you may wish to play it for them after they have fallen asleep but before they are in a deep sleep. This would be within the first 1/2 hr of sleep. You may play it a low volume, just enough to hear but not enough to wake them.

If your child is older they may just lie still and listen to the MP3 before going to sleep at night. This MP3 has been designed to be used at night before or during sleep.

I recommend you use this MP3 every night for 2 weeks.