3 Tips to Improve Self Esteem

Self esteem: how your think about yourself and how your thinking makes you feel.

Feelings are linked to our emotional core which guides us through our lives. When you begin to have negative thoughts about who you are and what you do, you head down a slippery slope away from a happy fulfilling life. Feeling good about who you are and how you handle yourself is vital to good mental health.

Feeling good about yourself can be a struggle for women who have gained a few pounds over the years. Most of us fight nature, as we get older, move less and have babies, with hope of winning showing in glimpses on the scales. But many of us struggle mentally with internal put downs and poor body image which in turn, contribute to a lack of self esteem.

So what can you do? Here are 3 easy mental activities which will change how you feel about yourself thus helping you to shift that weight and lead a happier life.

Tip One:
Pick and aspect of your body that you like and every time you look in the mirror tell yourself how special, unique and wonderful it is to have that aspect looking back at you.

Tip Two:
Spend one minute each day telling yourself that you are unique and special and quite unlike anyone else in the world. Repeat this to yourself in your mind daily for one minute.

Tip Three:
Focus your energy positively on someone else- your partner, child or even a pet and tell them frequently that they are unique and special and quite unlike anyone else in the world.

I met a woman once who told herself she was fat and ugly every time she looked in the mirror. This poor woman wasn’t only saying this to herself in her mind but she was saying this out loud. Sure enough, by the time her child was 3 years old, her child was calling her fat and ugly. I met her again a year down the track and she diligently used these 3 tips daily and over time she made a great shift in her self-confidence and self esteem.

Just a little time each day, invested in your own self will make a big long term shift in your life’s satisfaction and happiness.

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