Private Consultation

You are reading this because you, or someone you care about, is looking to improve, remove, or change something that is taking place in their mind and having an impact on their life. Whether it be a habit, anxiety, tension or performance issues, something that has just begun or an issue you have fought for many years you may well be surprised at how effective and rapid change can be.

Many of my clients have sought help from other sources before with little success and are then surprised when they begin to achieve their goals so rapidly.

Hypnotherapy provides new tools for mastering your mind and is very efficient and effective in people improving their quality of life.

Problems are very easy to find as we are naturally focussed on finding negativity in our lives and those around us. The real art in seeking a solutions to issues comes from working with a well qualified and experienced clinician. Lisa Wheeler recognises the difference between symptoms and underlying issues and addresses these in a step by step manner to help improve your total quality of life while helping you achieve your desired outcome.

Every session is designed to meet to your individual situation and is unique to you in that Lisa Wheeler is thoughtful of the way you respond best to therapy. She is always targeting your long term goals while crafting a unique set of programmes for you to follow.

A large majority of Lisa Wheeler’s clients come from word of of mouth referrals as changes in client’s behavioral responses to normal daily stressors bring their friends and collegues in to seek help as well. All discussions during appointments are completely confidential and discrete. Lisa Wheeler will consult with medical or mental health care providers if need be and your case requires or will benefit from this team consultation process.

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