Be Fasting


Whether you are wanting to do intermittent fasting or longer term fasting this track helps you to achieve your goals.

The science of fasting has shown powerful effects for the body and the brain. It supports positive changes within the cells, genes, and hormones

Here are some of the changes that occur in your body during fasting:

  • Insulin levels: Blood levels of insulin drop significantly, which facilitates fat burning.
  • Human growth hormone: The blood levels of growth hormone may increase as much as 5-fold. Higher levels of this hormone facilitate fat burning and muscle gain, and have numerous other benefits.
  • Cellular repair: The body induces important cellular repair processes, such as removing waste material from cells.
  • Gene expression: There are beneficial changes in several genes and molecules related to longevity and protection against disease.

When you fast, insulin levels drop and human growth hormone increases. Your cells also initiate important cellular repair processes and change which genes they express.

Be Fasting helps you understand and let go of unhelpful thoughts and behaviour to get your life back on track.

Download this MP3 and begin to feel the change.


Do your feel that perhaps you’ve not been moving forward lately, or stuck in a rut?

If you are visiting my online shop then you have made a commitment to improving yourself and your life. By using the power of your own mind in conjunction with these carefully crafted MP3s your will begin to make the changes in your behaviour that you desire to enhance your life.

The Scope Hypnosis MP3’s have carefully crafted music which has been designed to enhance your hypnotic experience and the power of the suggestions contained within each track. Working with these soothing, relaxing therapeutic audios is easy. You just find a place to relax uninterrupted and let the music, the calming words, and the imagery allow your mind to action the changes to enhance your life.

When you come out of this hypnotic state you will be feeling relaxed, calm and positive. You allow your mind to create a positive change to your thinking. You can feel it, and it’s exciting.

This is the process of hypnotherapy.

Your thoughts, feelings and behaviours have been created by your reactions to experiences and these thoughts, feelings and behaviours are now controlled by your subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is effective in helping you change your subconscious processes.

Your conscious mind already knows what you want to change but for some reason your subconscious is sticking to old ways of moving forward. With hypnosis we have access to your subconscious mind and we simply suggest new ways of being that will be more productive for you now.

All the tracks available here are created by me, Lisa Wheeler through my clinic Scope Hypnosis. When I see clients in my clinic they often present with issues that other people may also have. Now in clinic, each track is tailormade to suit each individual client but with a little variation these tracks can be used to suit people with similar issues. After all, as humans we are often experience similarity to others.

My MP3’s are crafted with powerful suggestions and music which is professionally created, very soothing, fluid, and supports a deep state of relaxation which is beneficial for hypnosis. My hypnotic audio MP3s use suggestion to help your subconscious mind make positive changes. During a session you are guided into a deep state of relaxation, which may be like a daydream. As you relax you allow your subconscious mind to easily take in my suggestions, helping you drop old unwanted thoughts feelings and reaction, and gain new positive ones.