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Reduce Alcohol

Are you in the majority of clients calling due to concerns about the damage you are potentially doing to your health and or your waist line? Are you concerned about the strain you might be putting on your job or your relationships! Do you feel so sluggish in a morning and lack get up and go?

Most clients report that their relationship with alcohol had built up over a period of time and most want still to be able to drink socially – but within limits. This drink less programme of hypnotherapy is specifically designed to break down the habitual nature of drinking and help you get back in control!

“Of course I’m fine! I just like a drink here and there. Get off my back!”

“I’m not an alcoholic! I don’t have a problem! I’m fine.”

We’ve all heard the word denial before but few stick to it so vehemently as the high functioning alcoholic. There are many ways of telling yourself that you don’t have a problem and those around you might also support this idea, but when alcohol is a problem both you and others may begin to suffer.