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Who is a hero?

Are you a Hero?

This week I witnessed an act of pure heroism when a young boy in the local swimming pool got into trouble and a bystander jumped into the water, fully clothed, to save the boy.

Many people would have called the lifeguard on duty, but this man knew there wasn’t a moment to spare and took action instantly.

This led me to thinking about our subconscious mind and how it is always working for our greater good. In the split second that the bystander noticed the child in trouble in the pool, he didn’t weigh up the pros and cons of jumping in, his subconscious mind took over and went straight into fight or flight response.

Thoughts about how uncomfortable he was going to be in soaking wet clothes, or the wallet/phone in his pocket went by the wayside so he could propel himself into action and rescue a child from potential drowning.

This is the beauty of our mind and body relationship. In a fraction of a second his muscles, sinews, and thought processes all worked together fluently to pull the child safely from the water.

We have true heros in our world and then we have everyday heros amongst us and yet we all just look like ordinary people – there is a hero in all of us given the right circumstances!

We all function with this ability deep inside our subconscious mind.

At times our fight or flight kicks in when we don’t need to rescue anyone. It’s at times like these that the help of a clinical hypnotherapist is useful in reprogramming the subconscious mind for more appropriate actions.